September Story of the Month

*names have been changed to protect privacy

Beth* was just trying to make a better life for herself and her 4 year old daughter, they were desperate by the time they found Shelter to Home. 

This young mother in her 20’s fled an unsafe home situation and finally, after staying in a shelter, secured her own housing. With nothing but their clothes and a double bed, she started to reach out to anyone who could help her get started. She contacted 2 Organizations which supplied furniture but never heard back.  No one was helping her, and she became more desperate by the time she found S2H online.  Shelter to Home responded compassionately, eager to provide furniture and household goods.

Then we hit another snag.  Beth had no extra money for a moving service.  S2H does not have the budget to pay for furniture delivery. A wonderful thing happened. An anonymous donor paid for the move!!  We were able to have furniture and household items all set up in Beth’s new home within 3 days of her desperate call for help.  Gratitude and relief was so evident on Beth’s face. She and her little girl could now get on with the next phase in their life. 

As she was sitting in an armchair with her feet dangling because she couldn’t reach the floor

Beth’s daughter said to her Mom, “This is the best apartment EVER !!”   Remember she is only 4 years old!!