Anne’s Story

This month we assisted 5 single mothers with a total of 11 children.  Here’s ” Ann’s” story.

Ann has 5 children, the youngest one, only 2 months old.  Ann suffered abuse at the hands of her husband, who lives with mental illness, exacerbated by the stresses of the COVID pandemic.  Her husband is no longer in the picture.  Ann had to move to cheaper rental housing shortly after the baby was born.  Her new home is not in the community where her support system lives.  Ann’s baby has to be on an expensive formula.  On top of all of this Ann has to have surgery in May or June.  And yet, she is very positive when she speaks about her kids and getting on with her life.  West Coast Family Center helped Ann with this huge transition and referred her  to Shelter to Home

Highlands United Church has heard pleas from  StoH clients for over 13 years.  When Ann’s story was told, several “angels” appeared providing needed items that we don’t  have in the StoH storage room, including money for formula, money for a rain-proof suit called a Muddy Buddy for her 5 year old,  size 1 diapers,  and a high chair.  Ann had told us about each of her children…..their ages, things they loved, and their favorite colours.  Five of the Grouse Mountain Day Quilter’s quilts were carefully  selected for each of Ann’s 5 children.  Ann said she couldn’t wait to make up the kids beds with the quilts on top.  The family is now settled and doing well.