What to Donate

Furniture:  in good condition, suitably sized for smaller accommodations  

Household Items: in good condition

Please note that we accept only furniture and household goods that are in good condition.  We do not accept items with advertising logos.  If your furniture, dishes or linens are torn, cracked, stained or threadbare, we will not be able to use them.

List of items needed

Our Facebook site posts updates on urgently needed items.  The items we aim to keep stocked in our storage and gratefully accept as donations are as follows.

Household Items

  • Bed linen & sheet sets; blankets and comforters; twin, double & queen (label with sizes) - fitted sheets especially desired!
  • Pillows, pillowslips & protective pillowslips
  • Towel sets -Bath towel, hand towel & face cloths. (Helpful if wrapped & labeled in sets.)
  • Packages of new face cloths
  • Dish towels & cloths
  • Shower curtains & hooks
  • Dishes & Cutlery - sets of 4 or 6 preferred
  • Drinking/juice glasses [no wine glasses]
  • Kitchen cooking utensils
  • Pots with lids and pans – small, medium & large; casserole dishes - small and medium
  • Teapots, Electric kettles, electric fry pans, toasters & electric coffee makers, microwaves
  • Radios, clocks & clock-radios
  • Vacuum cleaners, brooms & dustpans, mops & pails, irons


  • Couches, sofas and love seats (78” maximum)
  • Chairs, recliners and rockers
  • Coffee tables, end tables and bedside tables
  • Kitchen and dinette tables and chairs (tables no larger than 42” in diameter or 42” long)
  • Bookcases and desks (small; bookcases maximum 60" height x 36' width x 13" depth)
  • Mattresses, box springs, and metal bed frames – twin, double and queen size
  • Dressers & chests (no wider than 42”)
  • TVs, TV stands, and DVD players (flat screen TVs only; up to 42”)
  • Floor lamps & table lamps

* Because we have limited space in our storage, from time to time we are temporarily not able to take larger items. We will accept items as space becomes available.

How to Donate

Household Items:

Please contact our donation line at 778 331 8465 for details on how to drop off small items.  Leave a message and a volunteer will call you.


Please note that we are able to accept furniture donations only from North and West Vancouver locations.

If you have furniture to donate, please call 778-331-8465.  Leave a message and a volunteer will return your call.

We will arrange for a volunteer to visit and select those items suitable for our clients. If the volunteer is unable to take the selected items at that time, we will arrange for you to deliver them to our storage facility or arrange for them to be picked up at a later time. We are always appreciative if you are able to deliver the selected items yourself to our storage facility. If we need to arrange pickup, we request a donation to defray moving expenses. Typically, pickup of a donation costs us a minimum of $100, which we ask you to consider covering. Tax receipts are provided for donations of more than $25.

We are completely volunteer run, and rely on donations to cover our expenses.

Cash Donations:

We ask for a donation to defray moving expenses.  Typically, pickup of your donation costs us a minimum of $100.  Please consider donating $100 towards covering our expenses.  A tax receipt will be provided for donations of more than $25.  Every dollar you donate gives us another dollar towards providing services for our clients.

Gratefully accepted, through Highlands United Church.  If using the online donation form, please specify "Shelter to Home" as the "Other:" recipient of the funds