COVID Silver Lining #3: Sarah’s Story

Sarah* is a single Mom who left an abusive marriage. She had nothing but clothing for herself and her children, and a few kids’ toys. When she found an apartment for June 1st, she received all she needed to outfit a two bedroom apartment from our IKEA donation….beds, bedding and storage cubbies for her children’s room, furniture and linens for her bedroom, a dining table and chairs, complete living room furniture, kitchen wares, lamps. The agency made arrangements with a moving company, but through some miscommunication the mover did not appear on the scheduled day. Our team phoned several moving companies, all of which were booked. One of our members remembered a connection with the team at Green Coast Rubbish, a removals company. A frantic call to the owner resulted in the “removals” truck being offered as a moving truck the next day. We were all in deep gratitude, that this energetic, positive team moved in and averted a disaster. Two days later I visited Sarah. She said, “My kids and I were homeless for 3 months. Now with all this beautiful furniture, it really feels like home.”

*not her real name; anonymized to protect her identity.