March Story of the Month

We have a new look!! Our “perf” was donated and installed. It covers the large downstairs windows with an attractive green-blue mosaic, yet still lets in 80% of the light. It also has a slogan: “helping people create a place called home”, which announces our purpose to those who go by. Our website and donor line number are printed on the door. There is a green and blue, 24 hour parking sign. Inside, the downstairs room is well stocked again. The upstairs room looks like a well-run country store, full of everything our clients need to set up a lovely home. When I think back to the beginnings of Shelter to Home, it was a jumble of furniture, crammed into my garage, and household goods and linens filling our guest room to the point we couldn’t have guests, Now Shelter to Home looks like a small business. We’ve come a long way come a long way since the “Mom and Pop” project in the garage in 2008 to 2010. And it’s thanks to the 22 volunteers who continue to pour energy into the work, and to the generosity of our North Shore community