October Story of the Month

Homelessness continues to be a reality on the North Shore requiring ongoing action. The North Shore Homelessness Task Force was formed to provide coordinated, collaborative leadership and action on this issue. Once a year they host “Homelessness Action Week” to focus on the issue of homelessness and Shelter to Home was proud to be a participant on Connect Day.

Connect Day was an incredible success from the point of connecting with the agencies we deal with everyday. We had collaborative conversations and made face-to-face connections with our partner agencies.

As well as having meaningful conversations with the participants. We made a connection with a senior who is living in her car behind Walmart. We had connected once before through a mutual friend who was trying to help her. She told us that our referral to go to the “North Shore Women’s Center” was extremely helpful. This is living proof that collaboration and connection really do make a difference.

Should you be interested in further information about the Task Force and what they do, please visit www.Northshorehomeless.org